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Vote Low Cost needs your support to grow and succeed!
Here are some ways you can help.
Spread The Word

Email your friends.

Let your friends and family know you think VLC is an idea worth considering.

Call your local newspaper.

Tell their political reporter or editor about VLC and why they should write an article about this approach.

Call or write a political reform group.

Tell them about VLC and why they should use the VLC approach in their efforts.


Blogs and Forums

Help start a blog or forum on this site.

If you like to write, send me some samples of your work, and we'll talk.

Write about VLC in your own blog.

Or start your own Vote Low Cost blog, My Space, or forum.

Develop your own format for discussing VLC ideas. You might focus on a particular issue, or target audience.

If you do write about VLC, let me know.

Help Build Towards Future Elections

We will soon see another Presidential election. Presidential elections have been close for the last 20 years! Help expand VLC to be a major factor in those elections.

Organize a local VLC meeting.

Start a meeting of local persons interested in VLC, much like your local Republican and Democratic party meetings. Share ideas on how to increase interest in VLC in your area. Plan to build gradually over time. Tell us of your success, so that we can let others know what's being done and how.

Target a close race

Is any race in your area expected to be close, with less than 5 or 10 percentage points separating the two main candidates? Target them with a VLC campaign. The closer the race, the easier it is for the VLC swing vote to make a difference. Work smarter, not harder. Tell us about it, and we'll help with spreading the word.

To volunteer, click here.

Can One Be A VLC Member?

VLC is not a formal organization, so we don't yet have members. Right now we have supporters, and we certainly hope that you will be one.